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Welcome to Hong Kong FoodWorks, a website dedicated to the discussion of Hong Kong Food System. By food system we mean the way that food is produced, distributed, consumed and the waste disposed of in Hong Kong.

This site provides open source resources for researchers and practitioners in food of all levels. Whether you are working for a food NGO, a researcher stepping starting your project on or a curious citizen, you will find useful information for your inquiries about Hong Kong’s food system.

Resources include analysis of sources from government, scholarly research, news articles & events as well as a list of research resources.

At Hong Kong FoodWorks we aim to create an accessible site for all who are interested in and wish to learn more about issues concerning food in Hong Kong.


Portrait of Dr Daisy Tam

Daisy Tam

Daisy Tam is Associate Professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at the Hong Kong Baptist University where she teaches and researches urban food systems and practices with a particular focus on food security.

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Portrait of Mart Van de Ven

Mart van de Ven

Mart is a Principal at Droste, a Hong Kong-based data science consultancy he founded in 2014. As Principal, he leads their client engagements with a human-centred approach to data science.

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Portait of Sherin Siew

Sherin Siew

Sherin Siew is a digital creative passionate about designing experiences bridging purpose, form and feasibility to create value for people and businesses.

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Portrait of Claudio Canzonetta

Claudio Canzonetta

Claudio Canzonetta is a business manager by trade, who spends most of his spare time supercharging Hong Kong NGOs and social enterprises. He is passionate about fixing our environmental crisis and helping his fellow humans to obtain adequate nutrition, health & shelter.

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Portrait of Arsen Soroka

Arsen Soroka

Arsen Soroka is a full-stack developer with 7+ years of experience. He worked in 2 companies and now is a self-employed professional working with individuals and agencies from the USA, Australia, Europe and China.

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Portrait of Tomas Holderness

Tomas Holderness

Tomas Holderness is managing partner of the Urban Systems and Environments Research Group, a worker-owned research cooperative based in London and Berlin.

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Portrait of Dickson Kwong

Dickson Kwong

Dickson Kwong has been working as a Senior Data Scientist in Information Technology and Utilities sectors since graduating with a BSc in Computer Science from University of Washington.

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Portrait of Leo Pang

Leo Pang

Leo Pang is a food studies researcher. His main research interests are sustainable food systems, farmers markets, restaurants and chefs, cuisine, and food and globalisation.

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Portrait of Melissa Cate Christ

Melissa Cate Christ

The founding director of transverse studio, Melissa Cate Christ is a registered landscape architect (Ontario, Canada) and a Research Assistant Professor of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Melissa’s design research and practice explores mechanisms of critical intervention at the juncture of landscape, culture, urbanism, and infrastructure.

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