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Book Chapters

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Creative Works

  1. (2019) ‘The Circus of Inconspicuisine – a science fiction short about the future of food’, Social Paper. Pp 62-73. (link) (PDF)
  2. (2019) The Wild Card, in The Book of Failure – Humanities across borders Asia and Africa in the world. P 147-155. (non-refereed) (PDF)
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  1. (2018) ‘Elderly care is skilled work, and Hong Kong’s migrant domestic helpers should be recognised for their skills’, South China Morning Post [online], 18 July. (link)
  2. (2016)「看不見」的城市糧食安全危機. Initium 端傳媒, [online] 31 July. solicited. (link)
  3. (2014) In the Mood for Adobo (e-article) Philippine Consulate (23000+ audience reached. 660+ Likes) (non-refereed).

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