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A website dedicated to the discussion of Hong Kong Food System. By food system we mean the way that food is produced, distributed, consumed and the waste disposed of.

3600 Tonnes Daily

In Hong Kong, food is the largest waste category, constituting almost 40% of our waste. Everyday, approximately 3600 tonnes of food gets thrown away, equivalent to the weight of 250 double decker buses. Find out more about Hong Kong Food System.

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Carol Wong carrying left over bread for Breadline

Breadliner, Carol Wong「以仁心看人,也看城市糧食安全」

Carol Wong,Breadline 早期義工之一,與Breadline 走過疫情爆發至今,見證由八至十人核心義工,互相補位:打電話到門市確認當晚麵包數量、聯絡義工、執包以至幫忙將麵包即晚送往受助團體;直到今日義工數量增加,運作模式穩定,既看著Breadline兩年多來的變化,疫情亦為Carol 個人帶來轉捩點。

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Breadliner Simon Haul

Breadliner – 救包英雄 – Simon

「麵包線」Breadline 由2019年成立至今兩年多,作為香港首個回收剩食麵包的網上平台,拯救的麵包數量多達十萬個,有賴一班來自不同背景、自發投身的有心人,願意為有需要人士獻出時間和心力,究竟是甚麼驅使他們投身Breadline?每位救包英雄背後所經歷的故事會是怎樣?麵包線義工 Breadliner訪問系列,首位受訪義工是Simon。

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