Sourcing local and seasonal has become the response to the disruptions seen in our food supply chain. More than just a temporary solution, local production should be part of the Urban Resilience,  city’s planning – contingency for future risks.

More than just reducing carbon footprint and supporting local economy, shortening our food supply chains means that our urban food system could be less vulnerable to global distribution networks. With planes grounded and workers unable to harvest, having local produce at hand gives us a fighting chance.

There are 2400 farms in Hong Kong of which 542 are certified organic. You can find the list here:

Thank you to the Hong Kong chapter of Food Made Good for inviting me to speak on the topic of Urban Resilience and to Heidi Spurrell and her team for this great write-up!


Event: Food Made Good Sustainability Breakfast Series/ Food security in an insecure climate: going local and seasonal
Organisers: HK Food Made Good
Panel Members: Daisy Tam (Hong Kong Baptist University), Heidi Spurrell (HK Food Made Good CEO)

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