The Apocalyptic Feast

Imagining dystopic culinary futures

What would we eat after the apocalypse? What future foods would be available and in what forms? In this playful take on the future of food, I threw an apocalyptic feast and invited my audience to a tasting menu of reconstituted eggs, vacuum packed steaks, and canned fruit and freeze dried vegetables.

Moving between fiction and science fiction; utopic and dystopic futures I discussed the urgent question of food security and what could be done to become more resilient. This talk is also inspired by the sci-fi short story Benjamin Hall and I co-wrote called the “Circus of the Inconspicuisine” which you can read on this site too.

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival – E.A.T

Panel Members:
Rodrigo Guzman-Serrano (Host), Daisy Tam (Hong Kong Baptist University), Taeyoon Choi (artist), Adelaide Tam (designer), Susan Evans (change maker).

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

HK's first public digital food rescue platform