Imagining dystopic culinary futures

What would we eat after the apocalypse? What future foods would be available and in what forms? In this playful take on the future of food, I threw an apocalyptic feast and invited my audience to a tasting menu of reconstituted eggs, vacuum packed steaks, and canned fruit and freeze dried vegetables.

Moving between fiction and science fiction; utopic and dystopic futures I discussed the urgent question of food security and what could be done to become more resilient. This talk is also inspired by the sci-fi short story Benjamin Hall and I co-wrote called the “Circus of the Inconspicuisine” which you can read on this site too.


Show: Microwave International New Media Arts Festival – E.A.T
Panel Members: Rodrigo Guzman-Serrano (Host), Daisy Tam (Hong Kong Baptist University), Taeyoon Choi (artist), Adelaide Tam (designer), Susan Evans (change maker).
Venue: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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