A Sci-Fi Short about the Future of Food

The Circus of the Inconspicuisine

Science fiction has always been a rich site for our imagination of possible futures – where innovations make their conceptual debuts and our fascination and fears of science and technology manifest in utopic or dystopic articulations.

It seems like a logical place to explore the future of food. How are we going to feed the world? What system could be used to tackle waste? And how can we change the perception and behaviour of people?

This fiction/ non-fiction piece is a collaboration with my fellow sci-fi book club elder Benjamin Hall. We invite you to join us in a world where matter is trapped in time, and phasefoods is all the craze – the Circus of the Inconspicuisine beckons!



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The Circus of Inconspicuisine – a science fiction short about the future of food

Daisy Tam & Benjamin Hall

Ryan Inzana

Social Paper Issue 3 Autumn 2019

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