Putting the Crowd to Work at MIT

This has been a long-awaited workshop. Taking place in the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, this seminar brought together academics and researchers working in the field of urban resilience. It was a great opportunity to share our proof of concept that Tomas Holderness and myself have been working on for HKFoodWorks.

The seminar considers the potential of the crowd to both disrupt and compliment physical urban processes and addresses how to further generalise the geo-spatial intelligence enabled by new technologies and open source software. We will consider the political and ethical implications of this potential shift in terms of the potential transformation of citizenship and participatory constitutive possibilities and also with regard to the implications of more processed-based, relational and real-time framings of problems themselves.


Event: Putting the Crowd to Work
Organisers: Tomas Holderness (MIT Urban Risk Lab)
Panel members: Daisy Tam (Hong Kong Baptist University), David Chandler (University of Westminster); Tomas Holderness (MIT Urban Risk Lab)
Venue: MIT

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