The Edible Wall

As part of the Knowledge Transfer Project “Greener Living – micro urban farming and turning waste into resource”, I started a vertical garden to grow an edible wall with my students where we planted organic vegetables using wasted resources.

The garden is designed for the specificities of Hong Kong living. Space is at a premium in this land-challenged city, so I designed the garden using the vertical space of walls to mount empty water bottles as planters. The biology department also donated compost made from leftovers from student canteens to fertilize our vegetables. Students learnt about the food system as they grew kale and lettuce right by their classroom. One of my student who also part timed as a chef shared recipes when we harvested our local produce.

Discussing the harvest in front of the vertical garden at HKBU


Event: Harvest Festival
Organisers: Dr Daisy Tam
Venue: Hong Kong Baptist University

Title: 浸大都市種植有機菜收成
Author: 高鈺
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