Cultivating a better Hong Kong through Urban Farming

Very pleased to be invited to speak on the topic of urban farming at the launch of the Rooftop Republic Academy at the Business Environment Council.

My view is that urban agriculture is not a thing of the past, many cities in the world are experimenting with different modes of growing food in the city as a way of building resilience. Initiatives like the Rooftop Republic Academy is a forward looking initiative that trains future farmers, farming can be a vocation and not just a hobby!

Fellow panel members include:

  • Peggy Chan Chef & Owner of Grassroots Pantry,
  • Tony Ip Founder of Tony Ip Green Architects Ltd,
  • Yu Wing Wong CEO of Hong Kong Organic Association

Event: Rooftop Republic Academy launch
Organisers: Rooftop Republic
Venue: Business Environment Council
Photo/ Illustrations (credit): Rooftop Republic

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