Better Business Innovation Series

As part of the Better Business Innovation Series, the American and British Chamber of Commerce (Amcham & BritCham) brought together key players in sustainability, from start-ups and NGOs to established businesses, members of government, academia and the investment community to explore the challenges we face in the Food and Beverage sector.

Hong Kong has the highest restaurant to population ratio in the world which is why the F&B sector is the key player in the push for change. Donating surplus food is the first step to better use our resources and in this talk, I took the opportunity to call on the audience to make an effort and “lead the change”.


Fellow speakers include:

  • Leah Birkby, Live Zero, on zero waste grocery shopping
  • Jingyi Li Blank, Director, Mintz Group, on due diligence in the food supply chain and the role of money
  • Dr. Ulrich Boettger, Director, BASF Hong Kong, on the science of tomorrow’s food sustainability
  • Sonalie Figueiras, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Green Queen, on eco-wellness
  • Michelle Hong, Co-Founder, Rooftop Republic, on urban farming in Hong Kong
  • Kary Lau, Program Manager, Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation, on food rescue and food assistance
  • Prof. Daisy Tam Dic-Sze, Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University, on the ethics of food
  • David Yeung, CEO at Green Monday, on the global food revolution and plant-based movement
  • Sophie Le Clue, Director of Environment Programmes at the ADM Capital Foundation, on sustainable seafood
  • Bobsy Gaia, Ecopreneur & Founder of MANA!, on being a sustainable brand
  • Dr. Merrin Pearse, The Purpose Business (facilitator)


Event: The Future of Food – Challenges to the Food Security & Sustainability Agenda
Organisers: The American Chamber of Commerce and British Chamber of Commerce
Venue: Campfire Tai Koo, Hong Kong.

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