Habits of Eating Out

According to a recent survey, a third of Hong Kong’s population is eating out every day. In this episode of RTHK’s Backchat, I was invited to discuss the effects of this.

Many people eat out because restaurants are relatively affordable in Hong Kong and most people find it convenient. However shopping, preparing and cooking can offer more than just a healthier meal, it’s a way of reconnecting and learning about food.





Title: RTHK Backchat / Habits of Eating Out
Host: Hugh Chiverton
Panel Members: Daisy Tam (Hong Kong Baptist University), Jason Black (Hong Kong Chef), Winsy Leung (Hong Kong Dietician Association).
Venue: RTHK Radio 3
Link: http://podcast.rthk.hk/podcast/item_epi.php?pid=177&lang=zh-CN&id=75566
Timestamp: 04:00

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