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A website dedicated to the discussion of Hong Kong Food System. By food system we mean the way that food is produced, distributed, consumed and the waste disposed of.

3600 tonnes daily!

In Hong Kong, food is the largest waste category, constituting almost 40% of our waste. Everyday, approximately 3600 tonnes of food gets thrown away, equivalent to the weight of 250 double decker buses.

Latest News

Food rescue for sustainability on RTHK 日常8點半

The future of food is tied to the future of our cities. In this interview on RTHK, I framed the urban food system in the context of sustainability.

Crowdsourcing logistics for food rescue at Nesta

Breadline was featured at Nesta’s conference held in London this year. My research “Networked Intelligent Actions – crowdsourcing food rescue” was one of the awardees of the collective intelligence grants.

Breadline HK food rescue application on RTHK

An opportunity to discuss the step-by-step logistical issues of food rescue and my web application Breadline on RTHK Radio 1 programme Climate Watcher 大氣候.