Britain’s new wave of militant grocers

In this January, Niftie’s grocery store that sells things which would have been thrown out by a mainstream supermarket, finally arrives in little old Dover.

Chi Ho Fan via Facebook

Abandoned Crips

Hongkongers collected an estimated 8,400 boxes of Calbee crisps, just a week past their “best-before” date, after they were found dumped at a Tuen Mun refuse collection centre (Hung Cheung Road Refuse Collection Point).

Sweet Gummy Candy

Around 67000 rolls sweet gummy candy were abandoned in a Yuen Long (Tong Tau Po Village) dumpster because they are just past or close to their “best before” dates. One neighbour came quickly…

Food Sharing Hong Kong

Food Sharing Hong Kong is a project initiated by Hang Shuen, a female reporter in her 20s who returned to Hong Kong after working in Germany for three years. The concept is simple – a community fridge that welcomes individuals to leave or take edible food in order to reduce food waste.