Around 67000 rolls sweet gummy candy were abandoned in a Yuen Long (Tong Tau Po Village) dumpster because they are just past or close to their “best before” dates. One neighbour came quickly and saved as much gummi as she could. Later she might share those very close to ‘best before’ date of this month with other neighbours. As these events came quick and fast in this city, Mr Edwin Lau, Executive Director of The Green Earth claimed that it’s been caused without the implementation of a “Good Samaritan” law and quantity based system for municipal solid waste charging.

這批被棄置在元朗塘頭埔村迴旋處一個垃圾站內的橡皮糖部分糖果標示的「最佳食用日期」為本月,現場所見,共5板,每板112箱,以每箱40包、每包含3筒能得利計算,共有約6.7萬筒遭棄置。有居住在附近的街坊到場取貨,把糖果暫存在家中,稍後再一月才到期的派給街坊。對於接二連三有大批剛過期的包裝食品被棄置,綠惜地球總幹事劉祉鋒認為是香港至今未就「廢物按量收費」及《好撒瑪利亞人食品捐贈法案》 立法所致。

Title Article: 元朗大批「過期」橡皮糖被棄 市民拖車仔一人救廿箱貨派街坊
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