Food Sharing Point

Food Sharing Hong Kong is a project initiated by Hang Shuen, a female reporter in her 20s who returned to Hong Kong after working in Germany for three years. The concept is simple – a community fridge that welcomes individuals to leave or take edible food in order to reduce food waste. The idea has taken off, spreading from its first location in Sham Shui Po (Papillon), to Yau Ma Tei (3 Tak Cheong Lane) and also North Point (Ahimsa Buffet) in just three months.

深水埗社區雪櫃 食得唔好嘥

在德國當記者的 90後女生幸璇,趁着暑假回港期間,將當地共享食物的經驗帶回香港,她在深水埗發起實驗食物分享平台社區雪櫃,宗旨好簡單:食得唔好嘥。共享食物平台「社區雪櫃」,由5月中至今短短3個月,已由深水埗大南街的Papillon茶室,延伸至北角的無肉食和油麻地的德昌里三號,相信還可一直發酵下去。


Title: 深水埗社區雪櫃 食物任捐任取唔好嘥
Source: top!ck. hket

Source: : top!ck. hket