Daisy in front of vertical garden at HKBU

Breadline makes its debut! This is the first crowdsourcing food rescue web application in Hong Kong that connects donors with volunteers and charities so surplus food can be delivered to those who need it.

The opportunity to develop this long-awaited idea has been made possible thanks to the Fulbright Senior Research Scholar Award, and I am so happy to see it come to fruition at MIT, what a rewarding experience at the Urban Risk Lab!


Title: 浸大研發「救食」平台聯網收剩麵包派基層
Author: 鐘嘉文
Source: 星島日報 Sing Tao Daily
Visuals (credit): 鐘嘉文
Link: http://std.stheadline.com/daily/article/detail/2033711/日報-教育-教育要聞-浸大研發-救食-平台-聯網收剩麵包派基層
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